Newsletter June 2021

Sand pit revamp

The sand-pit wall was disintegrating and was in need of a make-over. The wall was rebuilt and raised giving it the dual purpose of being a bench seat for us adults who have AGE related challenges! Much to the kids dismay, this was not a new swimming pool!  Thanks to the three sand sponsors, Thulani, BBS MICA Empangeni and LNS Sand and Stone Supplies. The pit is full and the remaining sand will be used to pave a pathway around the perimeter. The children, babies and older kids, have a renewed love for the sand-pit. Thanks for bringing JOY to our home! 

Story time

Think your baby is too young to reap the rewards of reading? Think again... While your newborn doesn't understand what you're saying, he can still begin to pick up the rhythm, tones and inflections of your voice. The roots of language are developing in a baby's brain even before they can talk and builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills and gives babies information about the world around them.

Research shows that the more words a baby is exposed to, the better prepared he is to eventually start reading on his own.

The Big Screen

Sunshine Cinema is a solar powered media distribution network. They use film screenings and podcasts to drive engagement on key behavioural change topics relating to gender, entrepreneurship and active citizenship and address youth unemployment through their Sunbox Ambassadorship Program. Nontobeko, a Sunbox Ambassador, brought Khumba to the BIG screen for us and our friends from Musawenkosi. We are privileged to have access to the Solid Ground Church Youth Centre where we made use of their facilities, indulged in some treats giving the kids a cinema-like experience.

winter warmth

Handmade jerseys from granny are the best! Thank you Heather for the love and time you invested into these beautiful jerseys, beanies and blankets for our babies and kids. Not only do they bring warmth for this cold weather we are enjoying but lets our kids know they are special, adored and worthy!

Youth Day

Our children enjoyed treats from Monica and her sponsors. Each goodie bag was filled with sweets, biscuits, popcorn, juice, a face cloth and a cup. Nkuleh and Scharnee pampered the girls with braids and extensions. They not only loved it they looked amazing too!

Celebrating our kids’ birthdays is something I simply love doing! My desire is to touch a child deep down where lasting memories of love are made! To make them the centre of the attention at a party with a personalised cake and gift from their individualised wish-list is our way of expressing just how unique, special and worthy they are to us and to our Heavenly Father. Thanks to Londiwe (Soft Art Bakery) and Mmamphu (Mmambulo Cake Creations) for the most imaginative, delightful cakes! To see the expression on a child’s face when they see THEIR cake it, makes every effort we go to worthwhile! To be a part of making dreams come true, please contact me, Loressa, to sponsor a gift or party treats.


Having a sense of humour can lead to some strange and funny moments! I often have little   visitors popping into my office and we get up to mischief on occasion.   At least they are happy faces!


Outdoor play like this, that incorporates gross and fine motor skills with playmates, develops a child s socialization skills, personal awareness, language, creativity and problem solving. Physical play also benefits a child s health and helps them to burn up some energy. Physical play helps a child to develop connections between the nerve cells and the brain.

Dear friends of iKhaya,

Our home is full of life, love and laughter. We “want” for nothing. We serve a mighty God who cares for us and meets our daily needs. Thank you to each of you who faithfully and generously gives without counting it as a cost. For as we do it for the least of these, so we do it for Him! We are so blessed that our overflow reaches more than just our children. We have become a storehouse that is feeding and clothing the homeless, needy in our community, those who are sick and vulnerable children through charity organsisations we have built relationships with. This makes my heart beat with joy.

Mission Post: Live-in House Parent/s

We have a vacancy for a house mother at iKhaya LikaBaba. This is not a normal 8 to 5 job, as being a mother is a 24 hour undertaking. This is a live-in position with housing, meals and a monthly salary. We are looking for a Christian, who is dynamic, innovative and friendly, with a passion to see young people grow and develop into being all they can be. The successful applicant (women or couple) will be a part of our team and a mother to 5/ 6 children.

Washing Machines

Do you have a spare top loader that you’d like to give to a worthy cause? We have two washing machines in need of replacement and if you’d consider passing yours onto us, we’d be ecstatic!

Groceries and Baby Supplies

Please look out for our weekly needs flyers on Facebook. If you’d like to get these by whatsapp please contact Loressa to be added to our broadcast list. We appreciate your support in sharing these adverts and the great response we have had from you too... Thank you!

With love and greetings,