Mark Nuemann
Robert Sherpad
Elinor Kgati
Jakes Olivier
Lee Zitha
Richard Polayya
Ellen Mahiyamu
Barry Lane
Richard Polayya

The iKhaya Mancom has oversight of iKhaya through fiduciary, generative and strategic leadership. Our fiduciary responsibility is to ensure that iKhaya is properly managed through ensuring good governance of finances, staff, and property. Our generative responsibility is to ensure that iKhaya maintains an atmosphere that is as close to a family home as possible and that Christ is honoured as he should be in the home.


 And our strategic responsibility is to look to the future and, trusting in God’s guidance, ensure that iKhaya is properly positioned to embrace that future. Of key importance is to ensure that iKhaya adapts to the needs of our children as they grow in number and age. Mancom is blessed to have professional team members with medical, architectural, engineering, human resources, church ministry and corporate leadership backgrounds. Most of all we are blessed with the unmistakable inspiration of the Holy Spirit who is our constant Counsellor.