Newsletter August 2021

Playgroup Fun

Sim, our intern Social Worker, oversees the baby stimulation program with the assistance of a caregiver or child and youth care worker. Aunty Glory, who has been at iKhaya since 2008, is our longest serving staff member! She is almost finished studying Early Childhood Development to qualify as a Preschool Teacher and she leads our preschool. The babies and toddlers get to sing, dance, read, learn colours, numbers, letters and shapes while having great fun together. Activities are aimed at stimulating the creative mind, memory, fine and gross motor skills while socialising with one another and becoming emotionally mature.

FoodFoward SA

In order to ensure greater access to food for vulnerable rural communities, FoodForward SA developed the Mobile Rural Depot (MRD) model. iKhaya LikaBaba partners with FoodForward as a depot. We, along with many other charity organisations, benefit from the work of FoodForward. We extend our thanks to the retail stores and supply chains that support this great project, making our task of providing nutritious meals, for our kids, that much easier.

Civvies day for the boys!

Memories for a lifetime

I’ve watched the weather closely hoping for a cold spell over a weekend to give us an opportunity for adventure.

Well, we did it! We prayed for safe travels and a great place to enjoy the snow and our prayers were answered beyond our hearts desires! We found a great safe spot to play at the entrance of Ard Lui Bed and Breakfast. Soon the owner, Loretta, heard the playful sounds of the kids and invited us into her yard to play in the thicker snow and treated us to a hot chocolate. The dining room was simply stunning and filled with way too many treasures- a kid’s delight! But, I found myself telling the kids to sit still and not touch anything! What an experience!

Tea and Pamper Party

Actions speak loader than words! To show Lulu just how much we love and care for her we treated her to a very special 15th birthday party. The girls gave one another a relaxing foot massage and pedi and each received a gift bag filled with beauty products to go home and continue the self-love and care. So many of you rallied around to make this day one Lulu will remember forever- thank you, we appreciate every gift and gesture!

Jabu is extremely musically talented, has amazing rhythm and she absolutely loves to sing, dance and most of all to rap. She was determined to record and release an original which, we hinted at in our January Newsletter. Well she has done it! Go listen, watch and like SA Girl.

Dear Friends

How life can change in the blink of an eye! But what I’d like to share is that God is a constant, faithful and unchanging Father to us! In July we faced the devastation that changed how we “do groceries” at iKhaya as our sources of basics were destroyed. Things like deodorant and toothpaste, sugar and snacks, fruit and veg and basics like washing powder have mostly been in full supply since I can remember. Now we find ourselves advertising these simple needs or shopping for them. But a slight change in our outlook and marketing strategy opened doors for many families to bless us and be blessed through their giving. Scripture says that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Thank you for pouring out your gifts and donations into our home that we may continue to flourish and provide for our kids’ every needs.

With love and greetings
Loressa and team