Salome Zöller, Rahel Stäbler & Aline Klinger

Salome Zöller


My name is Salome (18) and I am volunteering at iKhaya LikaBaba for 10 months.

My home country is Germany and I am blessed with one older brother and wonderful, supporting parents. I finished high school in June 2014.

Since I was a little girl, God layed this special dream in my heart:

Going to Africa and serve in an orphanage with small children. I am so thankful for this gift of heaven to stay here in the beautiful country South Africa and I appreciate it wholeheartly to work with and for those precious children, to learn a lot in several ways, to experience and see much and to build up friendships with so unique people.

Rahel Stäbler 

Hello, my name is Rahel and I am 20 years old. Back home in Stuttgart (Germany) I graduated high school in June 2014.

God layed the wish in my heart to go to a foreign country to work in an orphanage.

With the encouragement and support of my wonderful parents, my sister and my three brothers, I followed this wish. Now I have the privilege to help at iKhaya LikaBaba for 10 months.

The children are so precious and I really enjoy the work with and for them. Besides that I love the country South Africa with all it´s beauty and all the lovely people. It is an honor for me to serve together with Aline and Salome at iKhaya LikaBaba and to spend an unforgettable time in South Africa.

Aline Klinger

It is said “home is where the heart is“ proven beyond reasonable doubt I must say so myself. South Africa had won my heart years back down the line, especially volunteering here at iKhaya LikaBaba (House of the Father).

Finally! I, Aline Klinger, 21 years old from Aalen (Germany) so captivated by this admirable orphanage am so delighted and thankful to be here. It alone has built a warm sense of belonging in me that evokes hope for times to come. 

The kids are all so precious and that really goes without saying if one has really been here. I started to volunteer here at iKhaya LikaBaba in the beginning of September 2014.

It’s really a privilege to help live, love and laugh here with the kids for a year. My prayer is that God could have full control over the children’s life and for them to know that they’re not a mistake but are part of a unique plan and greater purpose in life.

At the end of the day, poor or rich, most important to least important, with friends or without, no matter how different we are, we have the privilege to know that we are always loved from our daddy in heaven.