Amina Yaqub, Lea Mensch and Theresa Plieth

Amina Yaqub

Hey, my name is Amina and I am from Bielefeld, Germany.


I am 19 years old and am spending the next 10 months in Empangeni to work at iKhaya LikaBaba. I have two older brothers, an older sister, one younger brother and lovely and supportive parents.


I’m very excited about the next months ahead! Not only because I get to spend time with these precious kids, but also because I already love the country and the people I met and have come to know.

Lea Mensch

My name is Lea, I am 19 years old and I am from Wesel, Germany. Back at home I have three younger sisters and one younger brother, waiting for me to return.

I will not be returning this year, because I will be spending 10 months in this awesome country South Africa, and will be working at iKhaya LikaBaba.

I am really glad about that. I recently finished school in July and wanted to spend a year far away from home, to leave everything behind and be a help where I can. I also didn’t want to go on studying and am very happy to have this break, although I have to learn a lot more than I did in school. But I thank God for giving me the opportunity to spend such a great time in this country with such wonderful people!

Theresa Plieth

My name is Theresa and I will work at iKhaya LikaBaba for one year. I am really excited to be here and am glad that I have taken this step. My home is in Germany, near Dusseldorf, where I have an awesome family - my parents and three lovely sisters.


I have recently graduated from high school and decided to take one year after school to invest in others.

Since I had a dream one night (in 2011) in which I worked at an orphanage in South Africa, I have been looking forward to this special moment.

I love being here and I am really thankful for the chance to work at iKhaya LikaBaba for a year.