Newsletter June 2022


To celebrate youth day we invited local school learners to participate in a holiday program to entertain our kids while "secretly" teaching them skills and life lessons. This was a win win oportunity as the school learners are required to do community service. We had a very active, fun-filled and busy week of science experiments, sewing, woodwork, baking, crafts, self defence and fitness, magic tricks, skateboarding and more.

Youth Day Gifts

Thank you to the team from Doves for the donations and remembering the children this youth day.

A New Edition

You are loved and cherished baby girl. We will ensure you have the best care and opportunities to fulfill your life's purposes.

First Aid Training

As careful as we can be, accidents leading to fractures, wounds and other health problems that need to be handled quickly before emergency service providers arrive, do sometimes occur. Providing staff with first aid training ensures that there is proper risk assessment and management of emergencies in our home and that minor injuries  are seen to with ease and competence.

Five Senses

We use them every day to get to know and understand the world around us. What are they? Our 5 senses! Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching — help us to learn about and enjoy our surroundings. Doctor Henelle Swart and friends hosted a fun day for the kids to explore their 5 senses. What a lovely morning of fun and learning!

KZN Provincial Special Olympics

Lulu participated in the KZN Provincials, winning a gold in swimming. We are super proud of her achievement!

Early Childhood Development

Keeping the toddlers busy, engaged and stimulated using educational toys and equipment. Who said learning isn't fun?

Movie Night

Dear friends

Our June school holidays have been very fruitful with kids learning many new skills, meeting new people and experiencing an outdoor cinema show. We are truly blessed to have so many folk partnering with us and who share our passion to see our children flourish in every area of their lives.

To join us on our mission, to raise the children of ikhaya, simply contact us to see where and how this works for you.

Your time:

IDo you have spare time durng the week and are keen to lend a helping hand with cooking/ preparing lunch, weekly grocery shopping, baby stimulation and care, pre-school teaching or domestic chores?

Your skills:

Are you a qualified Speech Therapist, OT, Psychologist, Social Worker, Fitness/ sports coach, musician, bakers and passionate about heping, uplifting and empowering others?

Your gifts:

Are you financially in a position to partner with us? Once off or monthly contributions towards operational costs or towards a project or specific need(education/ staff salaries/ transport etc) are welcome.

To donate clothing, birthday/ Christmas gifts, linen, groceries and toiletries simply contact us for our most pressing needs.

Kindest regards

Loressa Kritzinger, Coordinator