Newsletter April 2021

little victories

Check out these wonderful new soccer goals! Stitching Friends for Africa in the Netherlands gifted our kiddos for Christmas and we decided to have these made. They will last for many years to come and will certainly be used regularly for soccer and hockey. As they arrived our kids eagerly put them to the test. We are privileged and blessed to partner with many organisations and friends around the globe. Thank you for catching our heart to serve and bless our kids! We appreciate each and every one of you.


We were in desperate need of freezer space. We appealed to our community and I searched for a reasonably priced second-hand unit to no avail.

But a friend of iKhaya quickly jumped on board and gathered friends, family and work colleagues to contribute to this initiative and we received a massive BRAND NEW chest freezer which is now working and serving us well!

 ...Baby Supplies.. 

Thank you to each of you who responded to our appeals for groceries and baby goodies. Thank you to the parents and learners of Bluff Christian Academy for the clothes and baby items and for all your effort to collect these donations for our home. We are blessed!


What an amazing bunch of well-mannered and hard-working young children! These are some of the Robotics Club Members who worked diligently to raise funds to support our home with groceries they then purchased. I am truly touched at their hearts and passion to “give back” and love others! Thanks to the teachers and parents for supporting and raising your children with generous hearts!

the mercury hibberdene Children’s holiday home

This delightful spot on the south coast is right on the beach, has a huge pool, plenty jungle gyms and skill developing outdoor equipment. An amazing venue for family holidays, church, youth and school camps. We were hosted along with Musawenkosi for the Easter weekend. As an NPO, the home raises funds throughout the year to host camps and day visits for underprivileged children and we had the opportunity to benefit from a Social Worker lead program of fun, adventure and learning.


Our kids loved it so much that they asked to stay there forever! Look out for their WORK PARTY for Mandela Day and join us there to attend to maintenance and do some painting. The more the merrier! Many hands make light work!




Building Friendships

We recently established connections with Arboretum Primary School’s Robotic Club and have had two fun days with them. With us having spent Easter with some of the Musawenkhosi children and saw great bonds formed then too we invited them to join in the Fun and Sports too. All the children developed friendships and are super eager to meet up regularly. I love how they are learning social skills in a safe, happy and organised environment not to mention the exercise, ball skills, balancing and coordination that was put to the test! Thanks to all the volunteers who participated in making these interactions so much fun!

Wanna Be's

A Chef, Doctor, Teacher, Mechanic, another Teacher and a Fire Fighter all kitted out for careers day at Empangeni Christian School. It’s always fun to wear civvies to school but the dress-up theme just makes it awesome! We loved it and so did our kids.

Crafty Kids

Arts & crafts engage kids, nurture their creativity and help in the physical and social development of kids. With regular practice,   the child gains speed and as his fine motor skills improve his artistic skills also increase. Teaching a kid to create something tells them that they are in control which builds their confidence and promotes innovation.

For the Love of Reading

Picture books help kids to develop an appreciation for art and writing. Reading a variety of books exposes children to a wide range of language features and increases their vocabulary. Listening to stories assists in the development of literacy skills and language development. Sitting down with a book provides children with quiet time and calmness in their busy lives. Exposure to books contributes to the understanding of print concepts (eg. left to right, top to bottom) and the stories fill their minds with knowledge.

Dear family and friends of iKhaya,

Thank you to each of you who responded to our appeals for groceries and baby supplies. We are certainly part of a caring and compassionate community and “village” that is raising our kids along with us. My heart rejoices with each and every gift!

The second school term is underway and our 13 learners are enjoying being back at school full time. Our in- house pre-school program is flourishing, with lots of activities to stimulate the young minds. 3 of our 5 babies are now walking and starting to talk. These are exciting milestones for them- and us too! To see their joy at taking steps or in reaching their “destination” is priceless and so very heart-warming! We have also welcomed the cooler weather and some refreshing rain as summer has drawn to a close.


We continue to raise funds for the two vehicles we replaced. They are used daily for school transport, shopping and errands, medical appointments and more. Your donations are gratefully received and appreciated.

Maths Tutor

Are you keen to assist with education and training? We have a need for a High School Maths Tutor and your time will be valuable to us!

Ministry Position

Do you love children, have a heart to serve and work in a ministry position? Are you young and energetic, have a driver’s license and are looking at taking a gap year? Then we may have what you are looking for and we’d love to hear from you!

Greetings and love,