Luisa Schmid, Johanna Heitz & Leah

Hello :)
My name is Luisa Schmid, I am from Germany and I volunteered at iKhaya LikaBaba from September 2018 until August 2019.

The time I spent in South Africa was very special to me and I learned a lot about myself, my faith and a completely different culture. I met so many amazing people who made the time fly by.

Being with the kids at iKhaya was full of adventures and laughter, they taught me so much and also made me step out of my comfort zone.
It was a privilege to be part of such a wonderful team of staff which welcomed us with open arms and where very patient with us.

iKhaya has become like home for me and will always have a special place in my heart.

Sanibonani :)

My name is Johanna and I am from Germany. Together with Lea, Luisa and Juli I volunteered  at iKhaya for a year.

Many things made this year a very special time and iKhaya a special place. To get to know the people and especially the children was one of the greatest and most wonderful experiences for me. They taught me a lot about kindness, humbleness and satisfaction.

We had times of laughing, joking and playing tricks on oneother but we also had times of crying, encouraging and praying. In iKhaya I found a new family. I love to look at pictures and kind of relive the moments. Precious memories. Precious children. Precious people.