Newsletter September 2020

From the Heart!

In 2015 my prayer was for God to break my heart for what breaks His. He continues to grow the capacity of my heart for the broken hearted, hurting and struggling, both children and adults. As God changed the eyes of my heart, He grew me in empathy and encouraged me to be vulnerable as I reached out to others. What a blessing it has been to be used by Father God in this way. I pray that every life He touches, as He uses me, will be eternally changed by His love and grace and that their eyes see Him! I want to thank each person who plays a part of this journey and makes it possible for us to care for the children at iKhaya. I love and appreciate you all! Greetings Loressa

Food Forward MRD Launch 

A recent survey found that one in three adults go to bed hungry because of unemployment and the subsequent loss of income. Fear, depression and discouragement are beginning to set in for many as social distress leaves them hopeless.


As more people are going hungry at this challenging time, FoodForward SA is scaling up to reach millions of vulnerable people across all nine provinces to make sure that they create better access to healthy food for more than 750,000 people directly (and 2 million indirectly) through a network of 1,500 registered beneficiary organisations working in vulnerable communities across South Africa, including our most rural communities.


As part of this initiative FoodForward SA set up a Mobile Rural Depot in Empangeni. A Mobile Rural Depot is a specific district or group of districts that have been identified as vulnerable, and where FoodForward SA will provide increased access to food and non- food groceries on a monthly basis. iKhaya LikaBaba partnered with FoodForward SA to host the launch of our local MRD and we will serve as the collection point for the FoodForward SA beneficiaries in our area.


As NPOs sharing similar goals, visions and hearts to reach those in need within our community, and serving with the Father’s love and heart, we enjoyed a lovely day meeting and getting to know one another. The excitement and anticipation of the day outshone the dreary wet weather! Big smiles all round, great teamwork and jovial spirits made the day one to remember.

Special Occasions

"When we start finding reasons to celebrate it shifts our focus on gratitude, Our children pick up on that and they'll follow suit," - NANCY ROSENOW

Have you ever stopped to think about why we celebrate birthdays, special occasions and holidays? It’s not just a festive thing to do, it’s a way to show others we value them in our lives and we demonstrate to those around us, like our kids, where our values lie when we celebrate special days like Heritage Day, Christmas and so on.

Also, celebrations spark joy. And joy facilitates learning. Win, win. Celebrations include spoils and pleasures like food, music, gifts, games and fun, helping us form an association between pleasure and whatever we are celebrating. Children come to depend on these events for consistency and continuity in their lives and birthdays in particular provide unique benefits for children cognitively, socially and for parent-child relationships.

Birthdays are an opportunity to express our love for each child and to celebrate their individuality with a personalised cake and gift!

Equipping Young Minds for Life

As busy As bees

Dear Friends

We are fast approaching the end of a very different year. In many ways the year has felt extra-long, yet with Christmas just 11 weeks away I can’t help but feel that it seems too soon! This is our busy season at iKhaya as we plan and host our AGM, 5 kid’s parties, spoil our staff with a year-end team builder/ thank you function, prepare gifts for the kids’ school teachers, run our Christmas Gift Drive, gather treats, organize outings and a holiday program for the summer break, plan Christmas and New Year functions and finally prepare the stationery and uniforms in time for the following academic year.

If you are keen to partner with any of these projects please contact me directly. We would love to hear from you!

Newsletter August 2020

Newsletter August 2020

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Newsletter October 2020