Newsletter June 2020

On A Personal Note

Life is slowly returning to our new normal at iKhaya. Things are different but we have all embraced the change and adjusted with minimal stress and apprehension. We have 6 kids back at school with more to join them really soon. The kids seeing their teachers and friends again seems to outweigh the hassles of mask wearing and social distancing and our bunch arrive home daily with great big smiles and full of cheer. The caregivers are keeping the home based kids busy with many activities to stimulate their minds and bodies. Check out the pics below feel free to share our news with others who you feel would love to follow and support our home and kids.  Greetings, Loressa

Veggie Tales

MICA donated 4 huge trays of seedlings to iKhaya. As they arrived it created a huge stir of excitement, especially when the younger kiddies heard that these little plants will grow into veggies and not flowers. Our farm neighbours shared their compost with us and the caregivers and kids got to work tilling the soil and planting cabbages, beetroots, broccoli (or maybe cauliflower- time will tell) and lettuces. They are taking turns to water the little plants and are taking such pride in their efforts.

And Some Fun Too...

It's All About The Kids!

Making Dreams Come True

We are focused on personalizing each kid’s birthday cake and gift more than ever before. Our heart’s desire is to see them burst with joy and sheer excitement when seeing their cake and open their gift- that came off their wish list! You might ask why this is important. Well, we want our kids to feel that they belong to a family that cares about them individually, to feel loved, cherished and wanted! We are seeing the fruits of our efforts as the children are looking forward to their birthdays with great anticipation like never before.

To make a child's wish come true contact me. I can't wait to hear from you!

”All things bright and beautiful”

Very happy photographs that paint a great picture of a day in the life of iKhaya. Never a dull day, let alone dull moment, to be had with many cheerful children around. Mostly cheerful noises fill the air as they play sports, ride bikes, play on the playground equipment or with each other. The odd disagreement is quickly resolved as we teach sharing, consideration for others, apologising and forgiveness as good friendship qualities.

”The Barber Shop”

Short and neat is the way to go especially for the younger kids. They really are a hairdresser’s best friend... happily sitting still with no moaning!!!

From The Heart...

Friends, what a privilege it is to serve in the life of vulnerable children. It is heart wrenching knowing that they faced trauma at an extremely young and tender age and that they are constantly reminded of that trauma as they are not raised by their own families. They have much to overcome as they face life in general. The effects of trauma are distressingly vast and often we underestimate the damage it has caused.

We, at iKhaya, strive to provide each child with love, compassion, a sense of belonging and the best education possible (noting teacher/ leaner ratios and additional support offered) to help each child in their journey of overcoming, healing and achieving all God has in store for them. Although meeting their basic needs of food, housing, education, affection and protection is vital it is simply too little. Doing more, giving more and reaching many is our deepest heart’s desire. I encourage you to look deeper into the eyes and hearts of those around you.

Give from your heart and soul. It may not be financial or physical supplies that are needed. Caring to listen, lending a helping hand, a gesture of love, a kind word, your patience, an expression of care and sincere prayer may mean the world to another! You will be surprised at the blessing you will receive, as the Word says as we give so we will receive. Join us in supporting our children, giving them a greater chance of success, inner healing and a solid foundation to build their life on. To those who already partner with us, “thank you” will never be enough!

With love in Jesus name Loressa