Ursula Kniese & Kathleen Haupt


My name is Ursula and I am a 20 year old German girl who was blessed with a wonderful year at iKhaya LikaBaba. The preparations for my time abroad were filled with expectations and uncertainties, but when I finally arrived together with my fellow German Ladies the church and iKhaya community awaited us with open arms. I am very thankful that I was allowed to meet all this awesome people at Empangeni and all this unique and loveable kids.

Every child is so precious, and they are taken great care of at iKhaya. I am very happy that I could be part of the team who looks after the kids with loads of love. To be able actually for the first time in my life to work on a daily basis and support a very important cause was a great and shaping experience for me. I loved to look after the little ones as well as to help with homework or filling up stock. I really enjoyed the diversity of my tasks.

There was a lot to learn especially in the beginning and we had patient teachers. It felt good to work for a greater cause then just my own wellbeing and the interaction with the kids taught me many a lesson. I am so thankful that I could be a part of their life even just for this short time. I hope that I gave them some of the love they needed, and I pray that God blesses their life.

My time at iKhaya gave me an impression of how things work in a different country. I was able to see some parts of this beautiful South Africa. All in all, I can just say thank you to all the wonderful people I met and whom I can call family, and to God who prepared the way for me. It was a year I will never forget, and which will have an influence on the rest of my life. 

Be blessed Ursula

Hello everyone,

My name is Kathleen and I´m from Germany. I spent 11 month at iKhaya LikaBaba. When I left Germany to go to South Africa I thought I was going to give and not to receive. But during the time there and when I look back, I realize what I learned and can say I got so much more back! It´s amazing! Those months were incrediblly blessed and enriched. From the beginning I felt warmly received and useful.

The kids made it even easier for me to settle down and I have them deep in my heart. The good atmosphere with the staff and the other three German volunteers was relaxed and a deep friendship has grown. I can say that I now have a second home in South Africa. I learned so much about raising children, organization, childhood development, spontaneity, other cultures, hospitality and God.

All this changed me, made me grow and I am so thankful. I thank God that he put me in this wonderful place. Thank you to all the people at iKhaya- for everything you do for the kids. You are all a great blessing! I miss the kids and the life at iKhaya so much and would be happy to see you again soon.

Barbara Kasparek

Barbara Kasparek

Newsletter July 2019

Newsletter July 2019