Unforgettable Moments In South Africa

by Lynn Son Kee, February 1, 2011 

Hi! I am from Canada...and I have been totally blown away from this experience at iKhaya LikaBaba. I know that I've read from previous volunteers that they did not want to leave here...but I didn't fully understand it until I arrived! :)

If you have ever contemplated volunteering and have a heart for serving and orphans, please don't hestitate to reach out to iKhaya, because I promise you that it will be a life changing experience.

I have never quite felt so much love in one place before - From the Wendy, to the staff, to the church and the other volunteers - I've gained a whole new family and I'm too sad to think about leaving. The children are absolutey adorable and I am so impressed by how well they are taken care of and also taught proper manners and to take care of themselves. Of course they are children, and they like to play a lot and have an occasional tantrum, but nonetheless, when you look into their eyes, you could never believe that anyone would want to abandon them.

I will never forget this time in my life because it has truly been a blessing and shown me how much love there can be when you serve others. Not everyone is as blessed as those in other parts of the world in terms of finances, however, here at iKhaya they are RICH in LOVE and kindness.

Thank you so much to everyone here who has made me feel at home. I am so happy and joyful that words cannot express - to my new sisters and brothers, Anne, Timon, Ty, Nikki, Helga, Swan, T, Jenny, Wendy, Andrew, Brett, Leah, Jayne, Molefe, Noma, Jodie, Peter & Lesley...and so many others...I love you more than words can say. To the little children of iKhaya...I LOVE YOU!

Precious Memories:

  1. Reading to the children when they are going to sleep.
  2. Hearing about when the children were role-playing and pretending to be volunteers (Which really showed that the volunteers really do make an impact on these children's lives.
  3. Seeing the children graduate to the next level in school and their Christmas pagent.
  4. Holding them, hugging them!!!
  5. Going to an amazing church where Gods love and Spirit is so apparent and abundant.
  6. Meeting people who open up their homes and love unconditionally.