German Volunteer For Orphanage

by Ty Heuser, February 1, 2011 

My name is Ty. Well actually it's Timon but because there is another volunteer with the same name who is staying here for the same amount of time, everyone came up with this nickname for me. I'm 19 years old, I have lived in Germany my entire life and now I'm volunteering for one year at this beautiful and very precious orphanage “iKhaya LikaBaba.”

When I was in South Africa 3 years ago, I have dreamt of coming back because I have loved this place from the beginning. This dream came true when I finished school a couple of months ago and decided to take a gap year in order to be involved in a social project. Since I had good contacts with iKhaya the decision was easy to spend this year in Empangeni, and I think being here is exactly right.

Working at iKhaya LikaBaba, playing with the kids and babies and helping to make this orphanage a nice, peaceful shelter and home is very fulfilling and definitely worth being involved in! I always loved to work with kids and youth. In my church in Germany I have been part of the kid’s ministry for a very long time and for the last two years my main focus has been opening and leading the youth.

These years have shaped my character and formed my spiritual life extremely! Though I have not much experience in working with
babies and toddlers, like those at iKhaya, I have always had a heart for kids and loved to be around them.

I also love music! Playing my acoustic guitar is very relaxing for me and there is really no greater joy then playing the bass in the worship team in my home-church.

I am very glad that I can combine the work with kids at iKhaya LikaBaba with being involved in worship at youth in the local church and homegroup! Being in a foreign country, speaking a different language and doing something you have never done before is exciting and challenging every single day. But I love it! 


An Exciting English Experience

Ty Heuser

Ty Heuser