Roles and Responsibilities

The benefits volunteers give to iKhaya are innumerable. The benefits volunteers gain are also limitless. The children give the greatest blessings. A smile. A hug. A little hand wrapped around an adult-sized finger. Perhaps it is because children need so much that they are able to give back so much.

Often volunteers arrive with very little experience doing the jobs they sign up for. In those cases, they receive invaluable on-the-job training that they take with them into life. Volunteers also have the opportunity to make friendships that stretch around the globe, gain personal confidence, and strengthen their interpersonal skills.

International volunteers also have the unique opportunity to be immersed in a foreign culture, to travel within South Africa and see exotic sites, and to be involved in a dynamic, life-changing experience.

A list of potential service jobs volunteers may be involved in includes, but is not limited to: gardening, construction, electrical maintenance, plumbing, administration, food preparation, laundry, fund raising, and grant writing. Work involving the children includes, but is not limited to: child care, holding and feeding babies, sports, arts and crafts, educational exercises, musical activities, and other interactions to broaden social, language, and motor skills