iKhaya Newsletter - July 2016

James 1 : 27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” 

AWOL (A Work Of Love) 


AWOL 2016 was another successful Christian teen camp help in Empangeni. Teens camped at Saint Catherine’s School and went out on two of the 4 days doing community outreaches. The lives of the teens are forever changed as they reach out in love and kindness to those less fortunate than themselves. iKhaya hosted a group of teens who painted our perimeter fence pillar and spent time interacting with the kids too. Our kids love having visitors and the attention so this was a good time for us too! 



Sunday 17 July was a day filled with many emotions. We bid farewell to two young ladies who we grew to love over the last 10 months at iKhaya and Solid Ground Church. They volunteered at iKhaya, loved our children, left their mark in all our lives and grew a part of our church family. The most amazing part of this special day was that we had the privilidge of witnessing and sharing in their baptism. Such a significant occasion in their Christian walk and highlight of their stay in SA. We will miss you Pauline and Sarah. Farewell, until we meet again. May God be your centre as you return home and live out your passion and calling in Him. 

Mandela Day 


In South Africa in commemoration of Mandela we celebrate his birthday on 18 July. We were blessed with visitors from GAC Shipping, Air Products, Mvula Trust and Legal Wise who generously blessed our home with groceries, cleaning agents, treats for the kids and blankets. Our windows and floors were cleaned and the kids enjoyed a colouring competition at the new preschool. All this to celebrate Mandela Day with us. 

Our Very Own Preschool! 

iKhaya-Newsletter-July-2016-2aTerm three kicked off with a huge bang! We launched our own preschool for our six Grade RRR and RR kids. We are delighted to have been blessed with the use of the Solid Ground Kids Church Facilities and Bronwyn Mathias has joined our team as the teacher. The aged 3-4 year old kids were looking forward to this day for a while and on the morning of their first day of school ever there was absolute chaos in the home as the kids were beside themselves with excitement and anticipation. They are loving being “big enough” for school and take great pride in saying they now go to school. It’s been two weeks now so they are settling into the routine and we can see their progress. 

Grade R Sleepover 

iKhaya-Newsletter-July-2016-2bOur 3 grade R poppets were absolutely overjoyed at the prospect of sleeping over at school! Annually the preschool teachers at the Empangeni Christian School pluck up the courage to hold a sleep over at school. Their nerves must be shattered by the time we collect the kids in the morning! But I know without a doubt that this is a day these kids will treasure for many years to come. Their smiles say it better than I could explain in words! 

It’s raining, it’s pouring… 


The sound of the rain on 25 July 2016 was sheer pleasure to our ears. How we need the rain and have prayed for it during this season of drought. Take a look at the huge volumes we received. Our playground was flooded and driveways almost washed away! 

Dance Academy Presents Showcase 2016 


We had 6 school going kids take part in the Showcase on 27 July. There has been loads of effort and practice going into the dance routines by all the dancers and teachers. Thanks for another successful show Kim and team! 

The Prep Work The Big Day 

iKhaya 4 Building Project 

iKhaya-Newsletter-July-2016-3bOur new home is taking shape and is looking fabulous! The roof is on, ceilings in, plumbing nearing completion and floors and bathrooms are currently being tiled. Join us as we prayerfully stand in faith for the provision of the new house parents and the registration of our home to accommodate an extra 5 kiddies. 

Join us on 13 August 2016 at 06h30 to paint the new home and be a part of the changes we are making in the lives of the children in our care. 

We have put together a needs list and should you wish to contribute materially to the furnishings of the new home please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 035-791 1116. Good secondhand and new items will be gratefully received. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you in advance for your support. 

School Holiday Program 


School holidays mean more kids at home and without stimulation kids get up to mischief. So we plan many great activities to occupy little hands and minds which results in loads of fun for all. Activities included arts and crafts, walks, bike riding, the farm, horse riding, baking, face painting, sports and many other outdoor games and fun. Take a look at some of what we got up to these holidays… 

To everyone who plays a part our lives, be it your prayers, advice, time, volunteering, donation of groceries and material goods, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love and appreciate you all. 

Please visit our website at http://www.ikhayalikababa.co.za to learn more about us and how you can get involved to support the children in our care. 

If you have not yet done so please follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ikhayalikababa/ and share the page with your family and friends too. 

With love 

Loressa and the iKhaya family 

iKhaya Newsletter - June 2016

Psalm 127:3 “Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.”

Dance Academy


Lulu and Jabu have made us so proud! Both achieved honours in their Red Badge Dancing Exams this month. Well done girls you danced so well and have made great progress in your lessons with Kim at Dance Academy. Thanks Kim for this awesome opportunity and experience given to our kids at iKhaya.

Miss Zululand Finalist


Cayla De Villiers, Miss Zululand Finalist, together with the support of her parents, Verona and Adriaan and her friends, spent an afternoon with us doing activities with the kids. Face painting, cupcake decorating and bubbles were enjoyed by all. The kids loved the visit by Cayla’s father and his dog, Troy, from SAP K9 Search and Rescue.

iKhaya 4 reaches new heights!



In our last newsletter we were at foundation level. On 4 June the Why Not Africa team pulled out all stops and threw the floor slab in about 4 hours. We shared an amazing time of not only hard work but loads of fun, food and fellowship as we pulled together to get the task done. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

Now as the month draws to a close we see the roof trusses in place. Just look at the progress made this month! Please pray with us for the right house parents to be identified and employed for our new home.

Kids visit the building site


To keep the kids excited about the new builDing we took them onto the site to visit the builders and see for themselves what is happening.

Zululand Trade Fair


We enjoyed a visit to the biggest Fun Fair Ever with rides, slides and loads of activity. The kids were fascinated and delighted with all the fun to be had. This was a great adventure for the kids. It meant a trip in the car plus excitement like no other. Thanks Zululand Trade Fair for spoiling us!

Snippets of life at iKhaya

Youngsters at play



Aunty Janet spends time teaching the kids from the bible, playing games and doing school readiness lessons. There is always plenty fun to be had while learning through song and play. Rihana had her eyes tested at Moffat Optical and was thrilled to hear she needed glasses. The fun was in choosing her frame. She is taking good care of them and is so proud of them too.


Keen Bakers! The best part is licking the bowl of course!

Thank you to everyone for your support, be it through prayer, time, volunteering, donation of groceries and used clothing, financial etc, we appreciate you all.

Please visit our website at http://www.ikhayalikababa.co.za to learn more about us and how you can get involved to support the children in our care.
If you have not yet done so please follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ikhayalikababa/ and share the page with your family and friends too.

With love
Loressa, staff and kids

iKhaya Newsletter - May 2016

Psalm 68: 5 “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling”



Jonas Brammer visited us from Germany for a month. His mornings were filled with painting iKhaya 3, demarcating our parking bays and spending many hours with the kids. In the afternoons he helped out at Crossroads Teen Centre in town. He was a hard worker and has left his touch here. Our cars all fit perfectly and neatly into the main parking lot now (what a pleasure!) and the iKhaya 3 home has a fresh new look. Thanks for your dedication, love and input into our home!



Mphatso Khuzwayo and NyJah Walters also came to us for a month. They needed to fulfill their internship for their final year in Child Development and Family Studies. Along with the Father’s heart for the children and a passion to be a vehicle of change in the lives of others and to be of service to the home they were a breath of fresh air to us all. These young ladies unhesitatingly got right in from the get go with painting iKhaya 3, interacting with the kids and staff and helping with the daily home chores. They loved unconditionally and have formed deep connections with us in their short stay. Their stay may have been brief but their impact will be lasting! Thanks for caring, loving and working at iKhaya- we are going to miss you dearly.
iKhaya 4 is growing in Leaps and Bounds…
The brickwork for the boundary pallasade fence is all done. The foundations are laid and ready for the floor slab work party on 4 June. This building is taking shape quickly and we anticipate completion in August 2016! To partner with us and to be a part of this amazing project please contact us. Whether it’s with your time, services or furniture you can help with we will be delighted to hear from you.



Sarah, NyJah and Mphatso made a trip to Richards Bay with the younger kids. It may have been be too cold to brave a swim but there’s nothing wrong with a little warm sun, sand and romp along the shoreline to put a smile on a kids face! The beach is always a winner!



What a fun-filled morning. Our kids loved their time celebrating National Science Week at the Unizul Science Festival. The arts and crafts workshops, engaging science shows, Reptile displays and the many interactive exhibitions kept their little minds intrigued and their hands busy. Thanks for spoiling us again this year Unizul!



Jonas, Eugenie, Mphatso and NyJah worked as a team to paint iKhaya 3. It’s taken on a whole new look with the fresh tones. One thing I guarantee is that there was a lot of hard work but no shortage of fun to be had! A job well done. Thanks guys!

Saint Catherine’s Pre-School Fun Day
Another successful day hosted by St Catherine’s School. Thank you Debby Brink for inviting us to enjoy the most amazing morning at the Pre School. We had an action packed day filled with many huge smiles. Your love and support of our home is truly a blessing to us all.



With the building of iKhaya 4 on the sideline, international volunteers arriving and leaving, kids outings and activities and staff training we have been really busy this month. We lead full yet rewarding lives. Thanks to everyone who plays a part in making all this a reality.

To see our current needs list or where you can be of help to us, should you be inspired to do so, please visit our donations page

Please visit and like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ikhayalikababa

 If you have not yet done so, please share our page with your family and friends too.

Greetings and love
Loressa and Team

iKhaya Newsletter - April 2016

Isaiah 58:10-11 “Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon. The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring."

Visit by Empangeni High School, Land Service


An afternoon filled with FUN, LAUGHTER, BUBBLES, TREATS and loads of LOVE and ATTENTION! Our kids were in their elements as the young adults from Empangeni High School Land Service visited us to spend invaluable time with our children. Our prayer is that these young adults will have been touched in some way by sowing into the lives of others and thereby making a change in our world.
Love and quality time are two things that money can’t buy but have a lasting impact on other!
Thank you for the love you shared with us!

The Faces of Eugenie


Eugenie, from France, has been with us for a month and it will be sad to see her smiling face and happy disposition leave in May. She has slotted in and been a part of the family during her stay as a volunteer and has been a great help in many areas. Thanks for your love and may a piece of Africa and iKhaya remain in your heart forever.

The First Why Not Africa Work Party for iKhaya 4 on 9 April 2016


The kids were delighted and enthralled by the activities of the day…. A BIG truck, noisy chain saws and falling trees! Any boy’s delight! We cleared away the trees on the new building site and kept some on the sides which will provide shade for a lovely payground and picnic spot within the boundaries of the new home. We carted away about 6 tons of foliage and big branches. Definitely a morning well spent.

Earthworks underway for iKhaya 4!


Much has happenened on the iKhaya 4 building site in a mere 3 weeks. After the first Why Not Work Party on 9 April we have had the TLB in to level the platforms and modify the parking levels which are in front of the new site. Builders have dug the foundations and sand, stone, blocks and cement deliveries have been made to site.

Please join us when we lay the floorslab on 4th of June. Bring along your gloves, refreshments, sun protection and loads of sipirt to be a part of this great project. For details contact me on 035-7911116 or see the Facebook posts on iKhaya LikaBaba or Why Not Africa.

Fun, Sun and Sea with Jesse!


What a priviledge to share and celebrate Jesse’s 1st birthday with him at Pelican Island. The wind tried to spoil the day but there was just way too much fun to be had by all and there was no way the kids were going to leave without spending their pent up energy! We had a fabulous time together; thanks Molefe and Elinor for including us in Jesse’s special day and the milesone of your son’s 1st birthday.

The Great Outdoors


What a blessing to be situated on “farm land” where our kids can safely enjoy the outdoors. They thoroughly enjoy their walks and the fresh air and exercise does them a world of good.

Fire Engine, Sirens, Foam, Excitement!


Thanks to the Empangeni Fire Station for the time they took to invest in our safety by teaching our kids about fire and its dangers. The youngsters enjoyed the demonstrations on how the Jaws of Life, axe, extinguishers, hoses and other equipment is used and how the fire fighters dress in firefighting suits.

Our staff had a separate training session on fire prevention, awareness and how to react to a fire incident in the home so that everyone is kept safe and calm.

The Days of Our Lives….


Our children lead full lives with loads of fun and activities to keep them busy and stimulated. Here is a little insight into some of our day to day goings-on.
From all of us at iKhaya we say “Thank you” to everyone for your ongoing love, care and support of our home. Partnering with us makes what we do possible!

To see our current needs list or where you can be of help to us, should you be inspired to do so, please visit our website at http://www.ikhayalikababa.co.za/get-involved/donate.
Please visit and like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ikhayalikababa/. If you have not yet done so, please share our page with your family and friends too.

With love
Loressa, caregivers and children

Needs: April 2019

General Needs

  • Single Bed linen & Mattress Protectors
  • Single Bed Mattresses
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Long-life Milk, Cooking Oil
  • Sandwich fillings & Lunchbox treats
  • Flour, Rice, Sugar, Sugar Beans
  • Cereal/ Porridges
  • Infacare Number 2
  • Nappies size 2 to 6
  • Refuse Bags, Latex Gloves
  • Milton, Wet Wipes, Baby Oil, Lotion
  • Plasters, Panado, Ponstan

Volunteers & Sponsorship

  • ECD Program Psychology Costs (R5-6,000 pm)
  • Speech and OT Volunteers/ Costs Onsite
  • Music Lessons (Drums, Guitar, Keyboard)

Birthday Gifts

Bring a smile to a little face and make their hearts full through your contribution towards a birthday party and gift.

Contact Details: Telephone 035-791 1116
Email: office@ikhayalikababa.co.za

Volunteer Testimonials

"The ways in which my 9 months at Ikhaya has changed me are absolutely endless. My heart was opened." - Clair Jesse

"In 2007 God has put something on my heart. He gave me an unquenchable love for this country." - Ty Heuser

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