iKhaya Newsletter May 2018

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

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We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchhill

Doing Life with us

Meeting the physical needs is easy but reaching the heart and healing the whole person takes courage, strength and passion. We are privileged to be connecting with and emotionally getting closer to the kids in our care. You too can be a part of each child’s journey to fullness of life through volunteering your professional services, donating food, nappies, clothing, and equipment and so on, financially contributing to the running of our home.

A man’s job is never done… Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance…. from buildings to beds, bikes and toys, to equipment, it’s a never-ending story. So if you’re a handy man; you will be in “handy man heaven” here! Contact me to see how you can make a difference in our lives!

French Visitors

What a privilege to partner with Annecy Church, Eglise des Nations. You have caught the heart of our mission and so reach out with your support to make our work possible. Having you visit us in South Africa was absolutely awesome and meeting you face to face strengthens our connection. The maintenance chores you undertook are spectacular and given the drawers new life! The beach trip was such fun… our kids’ favourite outing destination!

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St Catherine’s Pre-School Fun Day with Spur

Spoilt rotten once again! We were treated to an incredible morning of kiddies activities including face painting, icing cupcakes, a tea garden, kids games, pony rides and so much more by St Catherine’s Pre School in May. Eagle Creek Spur sponsored our delish lunch once again. We look forward to this annual event with great anticipation and you have made it a highlight on our calendar!

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Scream, You Scream….

we all scream for ICE-CREAM! Our local 5 Ways Mall has a lovely new ice-cream parlour. Our resident German volunteers took a group of youngsters for a treat while enjoying time out together. A great opportunity to teach the kids social skills, manners and safety while out and about. Thank you for the generosity you share and the hearts of gold you have when spending time with the children.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words…

Look at the outstanding artwork of Kathleen. The last of kids bedrooms are finished and looking superb! Our heart’s intent, when we go the extra mile in this manner, is to let our children know that they are worthy, loved, cherished and chosen! We want them growing up knowing and believing, through our actions, that we truly do care and love them deeply and individually. Every child is hand-picked by our Father!

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My Lighthouse

Solid Grounders were showered in song during a church service on Mercy Ministries. iKhaya LikaBaba, as a ministry of Solid Ground Church, was presented as one of the many ministries in which to get involved in to make a difference as Christ called us to. The kids brought great big smiles to our faces as they sang with actions and some antics too!

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Education is Key

Our in-house pre-school caters for aged 3-5 year olds. This is the grade RRR and RR years in preparation for “big school”. Our goal is to eventually teach up to grade R ourselves, with the help of OT and Speech Therapists, to ensure we bridge the developmental gaps so many of our kids experience after the trauma they faced at such an early age.

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New Beginnings

We welcomed a little might into our home recently. We showered her with love and affection and established a feeding and sleeping routine to suit the joint needs of baby and caregivers. This process helps to settle the babies while establishing an environment of safety and care in which babies thrive. This routine also helps moms to take best care of both themselves and their babies, as both get good rest and good nutrition. A happy baby means happy mom. Happy mom makes a content baby!


RBCT Annual Standard Donation

Many well desrving charties gathered at RBCT this month to be treated like royalty and honoured for the community work they undertake. Thank you RBCT for recognising the work we do, for applauding us all, for spoiling us to a divine morning at such a beautiful venue and last but not least for the financial support you provide to us all. We are blessed to know that you have seen the value in our endeavours and have partnered with us to achieve great goals. We commend you on giving back to your community. Together we bring about the transformation.of our future generations.

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Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love. - Mother Theresa


iKhaya Newsletter - April 2018

James 1 v 27 ”Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”


Partnering with iKhaya

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child… If you feel called to partner with us through monthly financial contributions or goods we would love to hear from you, every gift is graciously received and meets a need. Please visit our webpage for further details: https://www.ikhayalikababa.co.za/get-involved/donate

We are also in need of professional to commit to regular volunteering to meet needs beyond just daily care. Teachers, Doctors, Psychologists, OT and Speech Therapists, Counsellors are some of the skills needed and we would love to partner with you. Maintenance is an ongoing process in any home. Imagine a home of about 35 people… from buildings to beds, bikes and toys, to equipment, it’s a never-ending story. So if you’re a handy man; you will be is “handy man heaven” here!

Please make contact with Loressa Kritzinger via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make enquiries. Thank you.

Dancing with Passion


Dancing is one of the kids’ favourite forms of exercise and physical fun times. Our German volunteers teach the children both ballet and hip hop much to the kids’ delight. We have a few kids showing some great talent in this area!

Perfect Beach Day!


Priska, Kathleen, Ursula and Kristin have such a heart and passion to spend quality time with our kids. They often go to the beach with the children and enjoy the delights of nature. Our local beach boasts lovely facilities for loads of fun and action!

Toddler Time


Our dedicated caregivers and live-in volunteers spend quality time with the babies and toddlers each day especially while the older kids go to school. Story time and teaching kids to love books from a young age is so important to the development of their imagination and language skills plus it’s a great bonding time. They also get to play with toys, blocks, lego, balls and so on as well as jump, climb, run, ride bike and swing outdoors... all learning activities done in the name of FUN!

Home Makeover


With the recent painting of the interior of all the homes the decorative painting needing recreating in bedrooms and our entrance hall. Thanks to our artistic and creative volunteers the end is in sight to this fulfilling project. The rewards are two fold, self gratification for the artist and a happy place for the kiddies which is the most important aspect and the ultimate goal. Adding these personalised touches creates a home atmosphere to iKhaya. We strive to meet every need of the children and this includes the need to feel wanted, cherished, part of a family unit and a sense of belonging. We believe that taking the time to care for the home sends a message of love and care to our children.

Out and About


I say this so often, but I could never say it enough… We are so privileged to be positioned just where we are! We have so much to be thankful for. Our property is exceptional and we get to enjoy countryside living just minutes from city life. We have close access to schools, parks, the library, museum, farms and the beach for many outings and loads of fun along with the great education our kids receive on our doorstep. We are truly blessed!


With love and greetings from Loressa and the team!



iKhaya Newsletter - March 2018

Luke 6:38 ”Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Partnering with iKhaya

We are thrilled when folk catch the heart our mission through partnerships with us to reach the goals we have to raise the children in our care as mighty men and women of God, completely whole and healed by Him. If you feel lead to partner with us financially through monthly contributions we would love to hear from you. If you feel your gift would be insignificant we remind you that every gift added together will ultimately meet the full need of the home. Please visit our webpage for further details: https://www.ikhayalikababa.co.za/get-involved/donate Teachers, Doctors, Psychologists, OT and Speech Therapists, Counsellors are some of the skills needed. So if you would like to serve in these areas we are always excited to hear from you!


Exploring the outdoors is is a regular fun activity at iKhaya. The farms surrounding our property provide a great playground for walking, running, playing, a picnic or even a taste of sugar cane! Frequently getting out and about, some fresh air and exercise are the benefits of our country life style!

World Maths Day

World Maths Day in March was a treat as Air Products, who support our preschool, blew us away with amazing puzzles and maths related learning games and classroom aids.

Sacrifice of Love

Honest and Ellen are house parents to five iKhaya children plus two gorgeous daughters of their own, Rachel and Noleen. It is a sacrifice of love, to have given up their personal lives, space and family time, to dedicate themselves as parents to previously vulnerable children, as a calling by our Father God. Through their faithful serving and obedience they bring hope, love, joy and healing to the children placed in their care. We had the privilege of sharing Noleen’s first birthday with them this month. Look how beautiful she was all dolled up for her party! She was all smiles as she realised she was the centre of attention and reason for the celebrations.

Learning is Fun!

Education at iKhaya is a high priority and begins from birth, through baby stimulation time, and continues with toddler educational play time. From 3 to 5 years old our kiddies attend our very own preschool at iKhaya. Teacher Bronwyn exposes the kids to various in- and outdoor activities, life skills, games, sports and adventures. She prepares them well for their school readiness year, grade R.

Braai Time…

Some weekends our much appreciated German volunteers spend time with the children. They come up with such fab ideas to occupy their time with constructive activities. Here they are all wrapping dough on sticks to be “baked” over the bare flames. What an awesome learning time for the kids… and all in the name of fun!

Congratulations and Celebrations

March was a month of celebrations. We had the most amzing fun together at a number of parties. Thanks to Lafarge for treating our birthday kiddies to cakes for their special days. A special friend has partnered with us to give the kids each a gift of their very own choice. They are loving shopping for their gifts themselves. Such valuable life skills such as going to town, handling cash, budgeting and saving are all being taught through this process.

Easter Holidays 2018

Our first school term is already completed and the Easter break is behind us. This year is simply flying by! Once school is our the fun can begin… sleepovers and day trips make the holiday an adventure as the children make happy, lasting memories. We trust our efforts to make their daily lives happy and fun filled will form a part of the memories they will treasure from their childhood knowing we cared and loved from deep within our hearts.

For more news or information on our home and what it is we do at iKhaya, please visit our website http://www.ikhayalikababa.co.za or our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ikhayalikababa/. Feel welcome to contact us by telephone on 035-791 1116 or by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

iKhaya Newsletter - February 2018

Acts 20 v 35 ”In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”


Partnering with iKhaya I firstly want to say a HUGE thank you to all who sow one way or another into the life of iKhaya. Without your input our work would not be possible or we would not reach the superior level we strive to achieve.

To efficiently run a home 24/7/356, with the heart and aim of raising whole and healed adults who will fully function in society and be an asset to their communities one day, requires twenty four hour staffing, excellent foundational early childhood development, above average education, safe transportation, healthy diet, good medical intervention along with additional care in the form of OT, Speech Therapy, Optical Care, ENT and other specialist treatment. This comes at an enourmous overhead cost which is partially met by government (DSD) subsidies. We however rely on corporate and private sponsorships and donations to meet the shortfall. For about a year now our overhead costs have eceeded the income and we are now operating hand to mouth on a monthly basis.

If you feel lead to partner with us financially with monthly contributions we would love to hear from you. If you feel your gift would be insignificant we remind you that every little added together will ulimately meet the full need of the home. Our banking details and a link to Payfast is available here https://www.ikhayalikababa.co.za/get-involved/donate

Teachers, Doctors, Psychologists, OT and Speech Therapists, Councelors are some of the skills needed. So if you would like to serve in these areas we are always excited to hear from you!

Birthday Treats!


Party hats, cakes, treats and prezzies along with a water slide... what more could a kids want! What rip roaring fun we all had to celebrate 2 awesome girls birthdays.

Learning is such FUN!


We have six kiddiwinks in our preschool now. Bronwyn teaches them a maltitude of skills and life lessons like GOOD LISTENING...sight thos ears! The little ones learn to share, take good care of their toys and belongings, have cooking and woodwork lessons, crafts and art time and plenty free play for creative thinking and problem solving skills. They even have tuckshop day where they spend their reward for good behaviour money every week.

Empangeni Town Pool


Our local swimming pool is a welcome treat for a cool off on our VERY hot summer days. The facilities include two pools for babies and toddlers and make water fun a pleasure for the youngsters in a safer environment than being limited to a 50m pool only. So making trips, with even the preschoolers, is easy and enjoyable for us all.

Aqua Aussie Circus


Aussie Circus Spectacular is a breathtaking show, presented in an all purpose-built water stage, showcasing dazzling costumes and amazing special effects for an unforgettable event. This state of the art touring production provides the setting for an epic performance. The 2hr show blends traditional acrobatic cirque performances and a talented cast of aerialists, illusionists, comedians, and daredevils to delight and thrill audiences, leaving them in awe. Our kids were enthralled by this visually stunning show! We had the most amazing time of fun, face paints and treats. An adventure I know they will never forget!

Empangeni Art & Culture History Museum


Our local museum is filled with cultural histrory and plenty art. This is a lovely outing venue for us as its so close by and the children are exposed to their own cultural history as well as a wide display of work by a variety of artists. Our German volunteers are always keen to go out and about with the kids and enjoy every moment they have with them too. Blessings all round!

Growing slowly but steadily


We welcomed another little lad this month into our iKhaya family. He is the sweetest little mite with the cutest and most contageous smile. He is reunited with his sister who is already with us. My heart overflows with joy to know they are together and will bond as family should. By the end of March we hope to be full up to capacity and be home to a total of 25 kids. Homework Centre We currently have 12 school going aged children attending local schools, from grade R to grade 6. As you may imagine, homework time is a real challenge especially seeing as some of our kids need extra one-on-one time to improve and grasp the work.

If you are a teacher or mom who would love to invest time in our homework centre, to create a love for reading, we would love to hear from you!
Please share our newsletter with your family and friends and ask them to like our Facebook Page too! With love and greetings Loressa Kritzinger Co-ordinator

For more news or information on our home, please visit our website http://www.ikhayalikababa.co.za or our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ikhayalikababa/, or contact us by telephone on 035-791 1116 or by email on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Needs: February 2020

Urgent Needs

  • Long life milk
  • Infacare number 1
  • Nappies size 1 and 2
  • Refuse bags

General Needs

  • Single Bed MattressesAcoustic Guitars
  • Cake Flour, Rice, Pasta, Beans, Sugar
  • Instant Porridge, Morvite, Oats, Weetbix
  • Jam and other spreads
  • Lunchbox Treats (Cheddars, Chips, Nuts, Fruit)
  • Margarine, Eggs
  • Veg (Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Cabbages, Carrots, Pumpkin, Butternut, Madumbe, Sweet Potatoes)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Nappies sizes 3 and 4
  • Nespray Powdered Milk
  • Shampoo (Anti Dandruff)
  • Wet Wipes, Baby Lotion
  • Plasters

Volunteers & Sponsorship

  • ECD Program
  • Speech and OT Volunteers/ Costs
  • Onsite Music Lessons (Drums, Guitar, Keyboard)
  • Donate to coding lessons - https://bit.ly/2LWF1hm


  • Boys’ clothing Ages 6 to 12 years
  • Boys’ Shoes (Open and Closed) Sizes 13, 1-4
  • Girls’ clothing Ages 8 to 14 years
  • Girls’ Shoes sizes 1-7


Birthday Gifts

Bring a smile to a little face and make their hearts full! Contribute towards a birthday party and gift.

Contact Details: Telephone 035-791 1116
Email: office@ikhayalikababa.co.za

Volunteer Testimonials

"The ways in which my 9 months at Ikhaya has changed me are absolutely endless. My heart was opened." - Clair Jesse

"In 2007 God has put something on my heart. He gave me an unquenchable love for this country." - Ty Heuser

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