iKhaya Newsletter October 2018



A baby’s school is the playground

What a joy it is to see babies thriving through daily interactive playtime. We have a host of activities for the toddlers and babies to expose them to music and siging, reading, outdoor play, motor skill development and get to learn language, social skills, colours, textures, sounds, rhythm and position in space all through fun playtimes!



Our very own iKhaya Pre-School runs from the Solid Ground Church Youth Centre. We launched our ECD Centre 2 ½ years ago with the goal of preparing our youngsters for formal education. The school is run by Bronwyn with the aid of an international volunteer. Not only are our kiddies learning here…so are the teachers! Every day is a challenge and opportunity for personal growth and character building and honing their child rearing skills and disciplinary approaches. What an opportunity this is for any young lady to have! We are raising up our volunteers to be great parents!


Horse Riding

Horse riding is the latest buzz at iKhaya. The kids are loving taking a walk to the farm, having a picnic and learning to ride and care for the horses. There are many obvious health benefits to riding, including strong core and legs, but there are also many less obvious benefits, such as boost in confidence and sele-assurance. Horses are even used in therapy for mentally disabled children- which only proves further how healthy they are. Horseback riding is an isometric exercise, which means it uses specific muscles to stay in certain positions, in this case, keeping balanced on the horse. ... This exercise helps with good overall muscle tone, posture, flexibility and core muscle strength. Riding improves one’s quick thinking and co-ordination as the rider needs to control a large animal with a mind of its own. There are so many mental benefits to horseback riding. Not only do you really learn about yourself as you experience time on a horse but it can also be a time of self-reflection because for the time being, the only focus is on riding and staying on the horse. While horseback riding is a great exercise, there is a real benefit in the connection with the animal and the peace of mind that comes with every ride. It is just so obvious to us how much value there is in this simple yet fun activity. Thanks to everyone for making another of my dreams a reality!


Nothing New…

Nothing New… This is becoming old news… sleepovers at my home in the school holidays! It is always a good ol’ favourite… I guess like going to grandma’s (not that I’m old or anything!). They love to eat different meals (breaking the norm too with treats!), watch movies, play with the pets, sleep on mattresses and stay up late, swim and just have FUN. We ALL love it!


The iKhaya Olympic Games

Each team was dressed up for the occasion with warrior paint and all! Big and small, they all participated with much enthusiasm and excitement. The spirit was apparent but the comepetion was on! The activities of the day were palnned and executed by our French and German volunteers. Their imagination and enthusiasm is just delightful!


Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday baby boy! This was his first birthday and we had the pleasure of sharing this milestone with him. He LOVED his first taste of chocolate cake and was intrigued with having to unwrap his gift. What a special day.



The pre-schoolers got to sleep over at the volunteers home, helped prepare burgers for supper, pillow fights, a movie and one of course did her own make up!! What kids doesn’t enjoy camping out on mattresses!


Christmas and New Year

Christmas is fast approaching as we see 2018 drawing to a close. Please consider partnering with us to make our kids Christmas and New Year celebrations fun and a time to remember! Our celebratory needs are: Braai Meat, salads and dessert Chips, sweets and cakes Gifts for 28 children.


Please contact Loressa on 035-791 1116 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contribute.

There is one thing we do know for sure is that this year has been filled with many wonderful memories, times of healing and growth, heartache and joy, birthday celebrations and academic challenges and accolades. Our children have at times stretched us and through this we have grown. We rejoice with their successes and cry and comfort them in their lows and struggles. We are the priviledged ones to walk this journey out with our kiddies with God our Father leading the way. With Him all is possible and through Him we make progress daily! Thank you to everyone for partnering with us. All donations whether financial, goods, time or services all go towards the success of our mission at iKhaya. Without God’s provision and wisdom, His faithful givers’ generosity and the prayers of many our task would simply be a shot in the dark. So THANK YOU to you all! Together we we can do more!

With love,


Needs: December 2019


Urgent Needs

  • Long life milk
  • Sugar
  • Refuse bags

General Needs

  • Single Bed linen & Mattress Protectors
  • Single Bed Mattresses
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Instant Porridge, Morvite, Oats, Weetbix
  • Jam and other spreads
  • Lunchbox Treats
  • Margarine, Eggs
  • Veg: Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Cabbages, Carrots, Pumpkin, Butternut, Madumbe, Sweet Potatoes
  • Handy Andy, Sunlight Liquid, Toilet Paper
  • Nappies sizes 3 and 4 Nespray
  • Powdered Milk
  • Bath Soap Shampoo (Anti Dandruff)
  • Latex Gloves
  • Wet Wipes, Baby Lotion
  • Plasters, Panado, Ponstan

Volunteers & Sponsorship

  • ECD Program
  • Psychology Costs (R5-6,000 pm)
  • Speech and OT Volunteers/ Costs Onsite
  • Music Lessons (Drums, Guitar, Keyboard)
  • Donate to coding lessons - https://bit.ly/2LWF1hm


  • Boys’ clothing Ages 6-12
  • Boys’ Shoes (Open and Closed) Size 13-4
  • Girls’ clothing Ages 8-14
  • Girls’ Shoes sizes 1-7 

Birthday Gifts

Bring a smile to a little face and make their hearts full! Contribute towards a birthday party and gift.

Contact Details: Telephone 035-791 1116
Email: office@ikhayalikababa.co.za